Shift Position to Stop Snoring

Sometimes a move is all it takes to make a major change. We hear about changing our perspective to be successful in business or life. What about changing your position to stop snoring?

Hold Your Head High To Stop Snoring

Adding an extra pillow or a thicker pillow lifts your head and neck. This simple change of position might be exactly what you need to stop snoring.

If your head and neck are improperly positioned, it can block your air passageways. Labored breathing means you’re more likely to snore. Shifting the position of your head and neck can open up your air passageway to breathe better.

Choose from specialized pillows, an extra pillow or a thicker pillow to shift the position of your head and neck. Imagine if a pillow stopped snoring and sleepless nights! It works for some snorers, but what if it doesn’t work for you? Our next installment discusses another accessible alternative to stop snoring

Get Back To Where You Belong To Stop Snoring

Do you sleep on your back? When we see Sleeping Beauty, she is always sleeping peacefully on her back. In the modern world, she might really be Snoring Beauty!

When you sleep on your back, your tongue could fall back into your mouth. This blocks your throat and the air passageway you need to breathe. An obstruction makes breathing and sleeping more difficult. The result is a snore that sounds like a foghorn!

A simple move such as sleeping on your side can make all the difference. The position of your tongue shifts to remove the unwanted obstruction. You breathe better so you don’t snore.

If sleeping on your side is easier said than done, you might need a little help. Sew something bulky to the back of your sleepwear so you won’t sleep on your back. When you turn over in your sleep, the bulk will bother you so you shift onto your side.

What if sleeping on your side doesn’t stop that awful snoring? You might want to consider getting an extra pillow.

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