Why You Snore?

We might not even know we snore if it weren’t for others. Our families and partners let us know about those disturbing sounds in the night. Unfortunately, your sleeping problem winds up disrupting others as you jeopardize your own health.

When you find out you snore, it’s time to figure out why. Occasional snoring is normal. There is an underlying reason for ongoing snoring. Finding it helps you stop snoring so everyone gets a peaceful sleep.

A few of the possible reasons why you snore are:

– Taking sleeping pills, sedatives or drinking alcohol before bedtime;

– Allergies, sinus infections, colds or other breathing problems;

– Sleeping on your back with your tongue falling to the back of your mouth, blocking your ability to breathe;

– Being overweight with a layer of fat around the neck making breathing more difficult;

– Nasal deformity such as a deviated septum or other nasal problem;

– An anatomical issue obstructing your breathing such as a softened palate; and

– Sleep apnea, a condition when you stop breathing for ten seconds or more multiple times during your sleep.

A process of trial and error will help you find out the reasons for your snoring. What if you lose ten pounds and stop sleeping on your back but still snore? It is time to visit a doctor to talk about your problem. A medical professional may suggest a sleep lab with sleep testing to get to the root of your problem.

Snoring can become more than a nuisance to yourself and your loved ones. Snoring and related conditions can cause major health problems when left unattended.

For example, if you stop breathing during the night you put a strain on your heart. The long-term result could be an irregular heartbeat, heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, there are several ways medical professionals can help sleep apnea patients.

Until you find out why you snore, it is unlikely you will find a solution to your problem. What are the possible ways you might stop snoring?

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